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restaurants social media marketing faceb
restaurants social media marketing faceb
restaurants social media marketing faceb

Account makeover


Before advertising a restaurant, you'd probably think about doing necessary repairs and interior design and hiring a great Chef who can whip up some scrumptious meals. You'll maybe also create a menu to show off the range of dishes you offer. The same thing happens with Instagram and Facebook pages. Before you jump into social media marketing and campaigning, make sure your content is appealing and informative. For us, content is always the king of an ad. So, we arrange for monthly photoshoots and prepare a unique content strategy that tells your story and brings the right brand image to potential customers.

Facebook and Instagram Ads


Facebook Pixel and Facebook's Business Manager platform work hand-in-hand with each other. If the setup is executed accurately, Facebook and Instagram users will find your ads as they scroll through these platforms. Ads serve two essential purposes. They remind audiences about your existence, and they also inform potential customers about the food and experience your restaurant has to offer. The ads also lead potential customers to your website so they can reserve a table.


Once the setup is done, we can begin working on several ad campaigns:


restaurant cafe facebook ads new york ma

Campaign #1. Targeting core audiences


These ads are tailored based on information obtained from users' profiles and their online behavior. 


For instance, if your restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and is located in Hells Kitchen Manhattan, you would want to attract pizza and pasta lovers and those living in New York City within 3-5 miles from your restaurant.


Campaign #2. Targeting custom audiences


If your place is an established business, you can use your current customers' email list to generate a custom audience by entering and segmenting the list using Facebook Ads Manager. The Facebook and Instagram profiles of your existing customers will be matched by Facebook using the email addresses you provide. So your ads will only target the current database of customers.


You can choose your custom audience based on various parameters. These include users who reserved a table through your website in the last 30-90 days, users who have engaged with your Facebook and Instagram posts, users who viewed 75% of your video ad, etc.

Campaign #3. Lookalike audiences


Lastly, you can also exploit the feature of targeting lookalike audiences. Who are they? They are consumer groups who share likes, interests, and online behaviors with your original consumer base. Facebook offers this unique feature and delivers your ads using sophisticated algorithms.


For instance, you can opt to create a lookalike audience of all the users who visited your cafe or restaurant and spent $200+, or any other amount. Facebook's algorithm promptly identifies a group of people who are more likely to click the ad and make a reservation.





Does it work?


Our stats have revealed that, on average, ADME's restaurant clients have enjoyed a 340% increase of both first-time and repeat visitors thanks to the core, custom, and lookalike audience targeting.

Moreover, we are staunch believers in the potency of these tools. We strongly recommend that all of our clients install Facebook Pixel within their websites even if they have no plans to use this resource for advertising purposes. If you're not using Facebook Pixel, you're losing valuable data daily, which you could have utilized in your future social media marketing campaigns.


Final notes


According to Facebook's 2020 Restaurant Trends and Insights Report, "92% of millennials try a new restaurant after seeing food-related content online." 84% of the U.S. consumers have a social media profile, and over 4 billion people will be using social media in 2020-2021 that's more than half of our planet's population.


Consequently, social media ads will continue to influence where users decide to dine than ever before. Restaurants and cafes that are not taking advantage of these social media marketing trends will be left behind.


This is it from our side! If you need any more information, feel free to contact us. If your business requires assistance with digital or social media marketing, you have come to the right place. Hit us up by clicking the button below to schedule a FREE social media consultation.


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