Oops! It's actually 27 steps, not 20.

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With over 700 million active users, it’s hard to ignore the potential benefits of getting your brand on Instagram. Follow these simple steps and start getting all the benefits of your Instagram Business profile today:


Think about the perfect name, nickname and description. Nowadays, your Instagram page is your business card, no less, so you need to make it catchy and easily found. Start by making sure your username is searchable, try keeping your business name as the part of your username so that people searching for your business are more likely to come across your account.


Develop a brand color-palette and implement it in your post schedule and highlights design. It’s not about having everything match, it’s about giving your audience something to expect. 


Organize your highlights to create simple navigation, answer most common questions and engage with your followers. Add product collection, your favorite reviews and behind-the-scenes, to name a few.

Content Plan 

Plan your content and be consistent. Post 3-5 times a week and don't forget 1-3 stories a day. Make sure to figure out the best time for the post to go live and types of posts your audience loves the most.

Profile Picture

News flash! Profile picture is important. It's the first thing people see even before opening your page, so it's better to be well illustrative. Also consider the seasonal trends that take place over the course of the year, and don't be afraid to alter your image temporarily to honor a monthly theme.

Shopping Tags

Set up Instagram & Facebook Shop to sell easier and consider posting your products on Facebook Marketplace for additional visibility.


Collaborate with bloggers to bring their audience’s attention to your page and your business. Influencer marketing is a must, but it have to be done right. Don't hesitate to work with smaller bloggers as they have higher level of trust and are easier to approach.


Your business deserves some great photo and video content. Schedule a professional shoot to get the visual advantage over your competitors.

Official Ads

identify your audience and effectively engage them. Start running Facebook & Instagram ads to attract potential clients. Measure, optimize, repeat.

Business Layout

Transform your page’s layout from Personal to Business. Monitor all the metrics and all other great features Business Profile has to offer.


Run automated Direct Messages in Instagram and Facebook to welcome each new follower, establish connection, answer all possible questions and redirect them to your website. 


Create trackable links to monitor and analyze every single click and move your customers make. Tracking the performance of your social media campaigns is critical.


Yes, they still work. Think of powerful hashtags that will fit your business and bring more quality traffic. Don't use same hashtags over and over again, create a few sets for different posting topics.

Video Content

Here’s the thing, any social media channel aims to keep a user online for as long as possible. Checking out new photo post in your feed takes 2 seconds. Watching video takes up to 60 seconds, and that what Instagram wants. Instagram wants you to watch videos. Instagram wants you to post videos. 


Take your content seriously. Why should someone follow you? Is your page useful? Are you sharing tips on a particular topic? Or maybe your content is inspirational and you’re killing it with visuals? With the competition your Instagram page have these days, just posting isn’t enough. 


Write engaging and useful captions. Now, we’re not saying that every caption has to be thousands of words long, but even writing a full sentence instead of just a few emojis could help you increase Instagram engagement.


Check your comments and reply as soon as you can. Your community needs to feel valued, your fans need to be noticed.

Content Diversity

Add boomerangs, slow-mo, time-lapses, cinemagraphs to your content strategy. All these will help to boost your engagement at no cost.

Go Live

Interact with your followers in real time, strengthen your connection with the audience, but don't use live sessions with the sole intention of selling your products or services. There's so much value your brand could bring to your fans, so just let it out.


You need to be active and responsive not only to make your tribe feel valued. There’s also technological value behind that. Instagram prioritizes pages that are active. So commenting on other profiles’ posts, and responding to your own comments and DMs, is super-important if you want to grow on Instagram.


 Stories have become the primary way to share content on social media. The competition grows fiercer  and there’s not enough time for people to scroll through all the feed updates. Post fun stories. Post behind-the-scene stories. Post stories will call-to-action. With the purchase link. With the product tag. With hashtags (yes, you can use hashtags on stories too if you didn’t know that).

Call To Action

A call to action should be crystal clear and tell users what you want them to do. The goal can be filling in a contact form, clicking the purchase button, signup for a newsletter or sharing your content. 

Steal your competitor's followers on Instagram.

One of the best ways to attract a new following is and engaging with your competitors' audience. These people have already shown some level of interest in the products or services similar to what you carry.

Follow them

Like their posts

Comment on their posts

View and comment their stories


Here at ADME we can automate all these actions, which brings thousands of new profile visitors, clicks, likes and followers.


By adding a geotag to your photo, you are essentially pinning your location to that photo. The function of this tag is that it allows your photo to be found anytime an Instagram user clicks on the same geotag on another photo.


Edit your photos and videos to look professional. And never, NEVER use Instagram filters.

Personal Touch

Add some personal touch to your product shots to receive more engagement and make your business look more "human". Photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments from your fans. 

Instagram Stories Templates

If you regularly post on Instagram Stories (which you should be doing!) you might want to start using Instagram Stories templates. This will help make your stories more consistent.

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